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This page contains music that I enjoy organized by when I discovered/started listening to each each album/playlist/compilation. Many of the albums I discovered years ago I am still listening to today, so each section does not really capture what I listened to that year (just when I first encountered each). Also, this is not an exhaustive list of everything I listen to but some of my favorites that I think are worth sharing. Click on the arrow icon to expand each item for a short description and link.


Home - Warmth
  • Summary: Favorite tracks: Hivern, Home, Isolation
  • Link
Collider (Slowed) - Warmth
  • Summary: Whole album is great
  • Link
[m]other - Veil of Maya
  • Summary: Albums aren’t dead. Favorite tracks: [re]connect, Synthwave Vegan, Godhead.
  • Link
Northbound - Warmth
Collider (Addendum) - Warmth
Linger - Warmth
  • Summary: I’m just now putting together that this guy, Augustin Mena, produces music under several different artist names. The amount of music he creates is incredible!
  • Link
Essay (Remake) - Warmth
  • Summary: Favorite tracks: Youth, Time as a Reward
  • Link
The Darkest Place - Warmth
  • Summary: Do I perceive this album to be warmer because of the artist’s name, or is it actually that way? Favorite tracks: The Infinite, The Darkest Place
  • Link
Where the floor starts to Fade - Velvet Rope Crowd Control
  • Summary: Collaboration project between Hilyard and Andrew J. Klimek. Favorite tracks: Floor Fades Away, Trillium.
  • Link
Cracker Island - Gorillaz
  • Summary: Favorite tracks: Oil, Cracker Island.
  • Link
Love in the Void - Hammock
  • Summary: I started listening to Hammock back in 2007, and it’s amazing how they continue to churn out amazing music that’s unique yet still true to their style.
  • Link
Veils - Hilyard
  • Summary: I cannot overstate how good Hilyard’s music is for working.
  • Link
Heartwood - Hilyard
  • Summary: One long 17:00 track. Free download on Bandcamp.
  • Link
On the Sorrow of Firn - Hilyard
  • Summary: Favorite track: Morning Vapors
  • Link
a wake in shadows - Hilyard
  • Summary: Favorite track: fragile wraith
  • Link


Surrender - Rufus Du Sol
  • Summary: I had never heard of this band until I led a field seminar class called Geography of Oregon across the state of Oregon (obviously). My colleauge/department chair, Ezra Zeitler, and I went to a brewery in Bend and happened to be sitting outside, enjoying fresh hop IPAs while some electronic band was bumping some awesome music in an outdoor concert in town. It sounded like the venue was a few miles away but it was still easy to hear from the brewery. This album will always make me think of the high desert and Bend in particular. Favorite tracks: Make It Happen, Surrender, Devotion, On My Knees, Next to Me.
  • Link
Circadian - Intervals
  • Summary: Awesome upbeat metal band. Favorite track: 5-HTP.
  • Link
Dreampiece - Devin Townsend
  • Summary: My favorite comment on this YouTube video: “If you told me, back then, that that dude on stage in Strapping Young Lad would make this music in the future I would never believe you.”
  • Link
Parrhesia - Animals as Leaders
  • Summary: One of the best albums by the band with the best guitarist of all time.
  • Link
Soft Ice - Poemme
  • Summary: Atmospheric and dark, yet melodic. Literrally sounds like ice. Great for working.
  • Link
Division Cycle - Hilyard
  • Summary: Even darker than Poemme’s Soft Ice. Great for working.
  • Link
Repose - Hilyard
  • Summary: A bit lighter than Division Cycle. Relaxing and airy.
  • Link
Mercy Within - Hilyard


Immersion - Fractilize
  • Summary: Quite possibly the darkest, nastiest instrumental metal out there. Some of the YouTube comments on their videos are hilarious: ‘The national anthem when machines take over the planet.’ ’So this is what hitting cables on a suspension bridge with a crane sounds like. Favorite track: Fragment.
  • Link
Colors 2 - Between the Buried and Me
  • Summary: Great album. Not their all time best but it’s better than their other recent albums imo.
  • Link
Oneironaut - Wide Eyes
  • Summary: One of my favorite albums of all time. Great for programming. Tons of recurring themes that make this instrumental album feel like a concept album.
  • Link
Rebirth - Entities
  • Summary: Awesome to see Entities back it after a long hiatus. Favorite track: Atlas.
  • Link


Coma - Modern Day Babylon
  • Summary: Favorite tracks: Visions, Coma.
  • Link
Exodar - World of Warcraft
  • Summary: My go-to for writing.
  • Link


Paradoxica - Wide Eyes
  • Summary: Another great album by Wide Eyes; feels a bit spacier than their other albums (if that’s possible)
  • Link
False Idol - Veil of Maya
  • Summary: Took me a long time to get into this album, but it’s fantastic and has aged well.
  • Link
Clairvoyant - Contortionist
  • Summary: This felt like a major departure from their old style but I still love it. Favorite tracks: The Center, Reimagined, Godspeed.
  • Link


Everything and Nothing - Hammock
  • Summary: A few nice vocal tracks on here. Favorite track: Dissonance.
  • Link
Renaissance - Polyphia
  • Summary: I listened to this almost everyday while working on my dissertation and assistantship at OSU - Tulsa. Favorite track: Bittersweet.
  • Link


Eco - David Maxim Micic
  • Summary: 500 Seconds Before Sunset
  • Link
Wishful Lotus Proof - Jakub Zytecki
  • Summary: Favorite track: Eywa O.F.F.
  • Link
The Ocean Atlas - Modern Day Babylon
  • Summary: Favorite tracks: Wings, Through the Worlds.
  • Link
Coma Eliptic - Between the Buried and Me
  • Summary: Not my favorite BTBAM album, but it’s still solid. Favorite track: Life in Velvet (one of my all time BTBAM favorites actually).
  • Link


Language - Contortionist
  • Summary: Favorite tracks: Parable
  • Link


Travelers - Modern Day Babylon
  • Summary: Favorite tracks: Infinity, Journey of Living.
  • Link


Parallax II: The Future Sequence - Between the Buried and Me
  • Summary: Reflecting on this years later, I think it could be the best BTBAM album. The 23/16 measures of Astral Body, the interlude tracks, the flute in Melting City – all of this is glorious.
  • Link


Entwine the Threads - Circle of Contempt
  • Summary: The kings of 7/8 time signature. This is one of the few albums I’ve purchased at exactly midnight on release day. Favorite tracks: Transient Belief, Perceive the Mendacity, Entwine the Threads.
  • Link

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