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This page contains music that I enjoy organized by when I started discovered each album/playlist/compilation. Many of the albums I discovered years ago I am still listening to today, so each section does not really capture what I listened to that year (just when I first encountered each). Also, this is not an exhaustive list of everything I listen to but some of my favorites that I think are worth sharing. Click on the arrow icon to expand each item for a short description and link.


Veils - Hilyard
  • Summary: I cannot understate how good Hilyard’s music is for working.
  • Link
Heartwood - Hilyard
  • Summary: One long 17:00 track. Free download on Bandcamp.
  • Link
On the Sorrow of Firn - Hilyard
  • Summary: Favorite track: Morning Vapors
  • Link
a wake in shadows - Hilyard
  • Summary: Favorite track: fragile wraith
  • Link


Dreampiece - Devin Townsend
  • Summary: My favorite comment on this YouTube video: “If you told me, back then, that that dude on stage in Strapping Young Lad would make this music in the future I would never believe you.”
  • Link
Parrhesia - Animals as Leaders
  • Summary: One of the best albums by the band with the best guitarist of all time.
  • Link
Soft Ice - Poemme
  • Summary: Atmospheric and dark, yet melodic. Literrally sounds like ice. Great for working.
  • Link
Division Cycle - Hilyard
  • Summary: Even darker than Poemme’s Soft Ice. Great for working.
  • Link
Repose - Hilyard
  • Summary: A bit lighter than Division Cycle. Relaxing and airy.
  • Link
Mercy Within - Hilyard


Immersion - Fractilize
  • Summary: Quite possibly the darkest, nastiest instrumental metal out there. Some of the YouTube comments on their videos are hilarious: ‘The national anthem when machines take over the planet.’ ’So this is what hitting cables on a suspension bridge with a crane sounds like. Favorite track: Fragment.
  • Link
Colors 2 - Between the Buried and Me
  • Summary: Great album. Not their all time best but it’s better than their other recent albums imo.
  • Link
Oneironaut - Wide Eyes
  • Summary: One of my favorite albums of all time. Great for programming. Tons of recurring themes that make this instrumental album feel like a concept album.
  • Link
Rebirth - Entities
  • Summary: Awesome to see Entities back it after a long hiatus. Favorite track: Atlas.
  • Link


Exodar - World of Warcraft
  • Summary: My go-to for writing.
  • Link


Paradoxica - Wide Eyes
  • Summary: Another great album by Wide Eyes; feels a bit spacier than their other albums (if that’s possible)
  • Link
False Idol - Veil of Maya
  • Summary: Took me a long time to get into this album, but it’s fantastic and has aged well.
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