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Podcast shows

I listen to these podcasts regularly:

  • Theology in the Raw by Preston Sprinkle
  • Pistols Firing Podcast by Carson Cunningham and Colby Powell
  • The Move by George Hincapie, Lance Armstrong, Johan Bruyneel, and JB Hager
  • Financial Independence Podcast by The Mad Fientist


These are some my favorite episodes from various podcast shows.


The Global Politics of Jesus: Dr. Nilay Saiya - Theology in the Raw
  • Summary: This basically sums up my thoughts about the relationship between church and state.
German Christian Nationalism and the American Church: Dr. Ryan Tafilowski - Theology in the Raw
  • Summary: Fascinating dive into how German Christians and clergy perceieved Hitler. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot like Christian Nationalism today.
Celebrating Our Creaturly Limitations: Dr. Kelly Kapic - Theology in the Raw
  • Summary: A great reminder of our very real human limiatations and the need for rest. Also, the need to prioritize amidst the many things that we might want to accomplish and do.


Beating Guns and Killing Death: Shane Claiborne - Theology in the Raw
  • Summary: An inspiration.
The Gospel, New Creation, Re-reading Paul, Heaven, and American Christianity: Dr. N.T. Wright - Theology in the Raw
  • Summary: Amazing interview with a phenomenal biblical scholar.
A Palestinian Christian’s Perspecrtive on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: Alex Awad - Theology in the Raw
  • Summary: There’s not much in here that I didn’t already know, but this is something that would be helpful for American Christians to hear if they think Israel is a blameness state, especially since it is from the perspective of a Christian.
Micro Churches and the Tampa Underground: Jeremy Stephens - Theology in the Raw
  • Summary: Here, Jeremy discusses a really cool vision (and implementation) for balancing neighborhood-based churches with corporate chruch structure.
Are orphanages doing more harm than good? Alycia Pinizzotto - Theology in the Raw
  • Summary: A sad but necessary listen on the state of orphanages in other countries.
I Kissed Christianity Goodbye - The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill
  • Summary: From the horse’s mouth.


The Scandal of Christmas, Part 2: Dr. Michael Bird - Theology in the Raw
  • Summary: A fascinating new take on the Christmas story from an anti-imperialist, anti-nationalist perspective.
Early Retirement Extreme – A Systems Approach to Lifestyle Design - Financial Independence Podcast
  • Summary: I had heard about this approach to FI but had zero interest in the lifestyle until I heard this podcast. I was shocked at the technical yet philisophical approach that Jacob took to FI. After hearing this podcast I immediately sought out a copy of his book. This is more about economic indpedence rather than financial independence, which is an extremely powerful concept. Hearing Jacob speak makes it clear that he is not living in depravity but does indeed lead a rich and fulfilling life.
Power and Priviledge in Paul, Mark, and White Evangelicalism: Dr. Tim Gombis - Theology in the Raw
  • Summary: A great critique of Baconian readings of the Bible and the role of powerful people in biblical interpretation (among other things).
Jesus, the Bible, and Finding Christ through Deconstruction: Brian Zhand - Theology in the Raw
  • Summary: Perspectives on Christian Nationalism.


The Annihilation View of Hell - Theology in the Raw
  • Summary: Preston makes a great case for this view as the correct one.
Morgan Housel – The Psychology of Money - Financial Independence Podcast
  • Summary: Fascinating podcast about historically bad (and politically-driven) investments, market uncertainly, and stock booms.
Reading the Bible While Black: Dr. Esau McCaulley - Theology in the Raw
  • Summary: A great description of how positionality affects the way that a person approaches religion.


Your Money or Your Life – An Interview with Author Vicki Robin - Financial Independence Podcast
  • Summary: Awesome interview about FI and society
Millennial Revolution – Denouncing the Cult of Homeownership - Financial Independence Podcast
  • Summary: Why home ownership might be a bad investment


Millionaire Educator – Financial Independence on Teachers’ Salaries - Financial Independence Podcast
  • Summary: This podcast convinced me that financial independence is possible for someone in academia.
JLCollinsNH - The Importance of F-You Money - Financial Independence Podcast
  • Summary: The guru. JL Collins’ book ‘The Simple Path to Wealth’ is the only investing book I’ve ever understood.

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